We All Loved Each Other So Much and the Evolution of the Comedy Italian Style.” International Symposium: The Cinema of Ettore Scola. October 22-23, 2016. Casa Artom. Venice, Italy. Sponsored by Wake Forest University.


 “Just Imagine: Genre and the Logic of Movie Posters.” Now Showing: An American Century at the Movies, 1917-2017. September 29, 2016. Zimmerman Recital Hall. Sponsored by the Suzanne H. Arnold Gallery. Lebanon Valley College (PA).


“Investigation on an Actor Above Suspicion: The Movies of Gian Maria Volonté.” Sponsored by the G. D’Annunzio University. December 15, 2015. Pescara, Italy.





“Evening Rituals: Marco Ferreri’s Dillinger is Dead.” Intersections: Crossing Italian Borders in Music, Art, Literature, Theater, and Cinema. June 2-5, 2016. Kent State University, Gonzaga University, and California State University Programs. Florence, Italy.

“The Aesthetic of the Procedural in Post-9/11 Cinema” Session: War on Terror Cinema. Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. March 30-April 3, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia. Presiding: Shakti Jaising.


“Network Narrative in Diaz. Don’t Clean Up This Blood.” Seminar: Film and Cultural Memory. American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussets. March 17-20. Presiding: Inez Hedges.


—-. Italian Cinema in the Present Tense: New Narrative Practices from Adaptation to Transmedia and Transnational Cinema. Franklin & Marshall College. Nov. 13-14, 2015. Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Cinemablography.” #BUDSC15: Collaborating Digitally: Engaging Students in Public Scholarship. Bucknell University, Nov. 6-8, 2015. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.


—-. Keystone Digital Humanities Conference. University of Pennsylvania, July 22-25, 2015. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


—-. Re: Humanities 2013. An Undergraduate Symposium on Digital Media. Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges. Pennsylvania. April 4-5, 2013.


“Rock Me Amadeus: The Mozart-Salieri Conflict in Drama and Film.” Bridges Across Cultures: An International Conference on Arts and Humanities. Washington & Jefferson College. Palazzo Rucellai. July 2, 2015 – July 5, 2015. Florence, Italy.


“A Certain Absence in French Cinema.” Session: The Nouvelle Vague at 60: A Reassessment. Northeast Modern Language Association. Presiding: Jackie Cameron. April 30-May 3 2015. Toronto, Canada.


“Pablo Larraín’s No and the Aesthetics of Television.” Latin American Film & Media Session. Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Meeting. April 1-4, 2014, New Orleans, Louisiana.


“Race, Genetics and Ethnicity: Comparing Categorical and Ancestral Identities.” With Dr. Joseph Huffman (History), Dr. Michael Shin (Biology). School of the Humanities Symposium on Race in America. February 24-27, 2015, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


“Love and Supermodernity in Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies.” The Supernatural in Literature, Film, and Popular Culture. Pennsylvania College English Association 2014 Conference. October 3-4, 2014,  State College, Pennsylvania.


“Investigation of an Actor Above Suspicion: The Moro Affair in the Movies of Gian Maria Volonté .”  The Moro Affair in Narrative and Cinema (1978-2008) Session. North East Modern Language Association. Organizer: Ugo Perolino. Presiding: Daniele Fioretti. April 3-6 2014. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


“What Julian Smith Hates (and Loves) About Facebook: Social Media Parody as Self-Promotion” (coauthored with Alex White). Humor in the Digital Age Session at South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Presiding: Pete Kunze. November 8-10, 2013. Atlanta, Georgia.


“Junkspace.” Poetry reading on non-places and supermodernity for the event ”Luce Prigioniera.” Le Murate, Florence, Italy. December 19 2012.


One Hundred Steps: Marco Tullio Giordana, Sicily, and the Flow of Universal History.” Italian Cinema Session at the 2013 Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association conference. Presiding: Fulvio Orsitto. November 1-3, 2013. San Diego, California.


—-. New Trends in Modern & Contemporary Italian Cinema. 5th annual conference, featuring filmmaker and actor Carlo Verdone. April 23-26, 2014. University of Bloomington, Indiana.


“Principles and Practices: Building an Effective Social Media Toolkit” (Speakers: Mark Gammon and Shannon Ritter) & “Reimagining the ‘E’ in E-Portfolio: Emerging, Engaging, and Enriching Technologies for Teaching and Learning” (Speakers:  Jennifer Sparrow, Teggin Summers and Marc R. Zaldivar). Seminars attended at Educause Annual Conference 2013. October 15-18. Anaheim, California.


Even the Rain: A Confluence of Cinematic and Historical Temporalities.” Film Panel at the Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association. Presiding: Juliet Lynd. November 8-11, 2012. Cincinnati, Ohio.


—-. The Ethics of Water- Everything Flows from Here.” Precarious Alliance Symposium. October 11-12, 2012. Delaware Valley College, Pennsylvania.


“Saviano, Garrone, Gomorra.” Modern Language Association Conference. Session “Italian Cinema Now: Politics, Gender, and Ethnicity.” Program arranged by the Division on Twentieth-Century Italian Literature. Presiding: Francesca G. Parmeggiani. December 29, 2009. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


“Pasolini on TV.” European Film Conference. Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. September 8-10, 2008.  University of Texas at San Antonio.


“Neorealism and the Double Stain.” Graduate Symposium “Italian Cinema for the New Millennium: Cinema as Witness.”  Department of Italian Language and Literature, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the Whitney Humanities Center. April 19-22, 2007. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.


“Reconstructing Reality: Logic of Ellipsis and Shifting Present in Salvatore Giuliano.” Graduate Student Conference for Interdisciplinary Studies “Faith, Knowledge, and the Interface of Epistemologies.” May 4, 2006. University of Washington, Seattle.


“Objectively False: Aesthetic of Image and Fictionalized Documentary in The Battle of Algiers.” Department of French and Italian. 15th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium “Politics and Persuasion: Investigating the (Ab)use of Language.” April 8, 2006. University of Bloomington, Indiana.


“The Vision at Last. Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, Not I, and That Time.” Department of Comparative Literature Graduate Student Colloquium “Heroic Rhetoric.” April 22, 2005. University of Washington, Seattle.


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